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Pure separation.

Revolutionizing waste management

Embrace circularity and get future-ready. Address the critical challenges of fly ash and air pollution residue management head-on with our innovative Waste-to-Energy (WtE) solutions. Transform environmental liabilities into sustainable, circular assets. Future-proof WtE and ensure capability to secure valuable reusable resources and thus reducing overconsumption of limited resources.

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New WtE - Greenfield projects

Include HaloSep from the start in your new WtE plant for a solution that's future-proof, circular, and innovative. Discover how it sets new environmental standards and explore its transformative impact for WtE, embodying Best Available Technology (BAT).
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Existing WtE - Retrofit installations

Transform your existing WtE facility with HaloSep: Elevate to Best Available Technology (BAT) Standards. Learn how integrating HaloSep not only enhances your environmental footprint but also ensures compliance with future regulations, setting a new benchmark for sustainability and operational excellence.
Road salt

Circular materials

We're revolutionizing waste management standards with our innovative technology. It transforms Waste to Energy (WtE) facilities by efficiently handling fly ash, Air Pollution Control (APCr) residues, and recovering valuable resources like minerals, gypsum, metals and specific salts (CaCO3, KCl, NaCl).

Our contribution to circularity

Experience firsthand the depth of our unwavering dedication as it harmoniously aligns with the principles of creating a circular economy, maximizing resource efficiency, and effectively avoiding the generation of hazardous waste.

How it works

The HaloSep process efficiently manages hazardous waste from energy recovery.

It separates waste into three fractions, treats hazardous components, recycles valuable materials, and ensures responsible disposal, minimizing environmental impact.

Recycled fly ash

Treated fly ash from the HaloSep process now officially classified as non-hazardous

The results from these tests verified the non-hazardous nature of the treated fly ash concerning key elements in the classification process.

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A career at HaloSep

HaloSep is a part of the Stena Metall Group. We have a long, proud heritage, but our focus is always on the future. On moving forward - together.

With a career at HaloSep, you can be part of a better future. A more sustainable tomorrow that is filled with new possibilities and exciting opportunities.