An areal view of the AVR plant in Rozenburg
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About HaloSep


HaloSep originates from Stena Metall’s R&D department with Erik Rasmussen as the inventor. He saw the need for WtE plants to responsibly manage the fly ash that is formed when waste is incinerated to generate electricity and district heating. The fly ash is currently treated as hazardous waste and landfilled at special landfills. This often means long transport and costly handling that is far from the circular economy that society strives for.


With HaloSep technology, the ash is purified, and the result is salt, recycled metals and treated fly ash. A full-scale plant is ready at the large incineration plant Vestforbrænding in Copenhagen. The facility is a project run in collaboration with Vestforbrænding, with funding from EU Life and is therefore referred to as Life HaloSep.


HaloSep AB is founded as a separate company to drive industrialization and commercialization of the HaloSep process. The establishment of a development plant in production size is the stepping stone to offer a sustainable solution for WtE plants all over the globe.

The silhouette of a HaloSep worker
A truck moving salt
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