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Cooperation between AVR and HaloSep

Staffan Svensson, President HaloSep AB points out the importance of the partnership with AVR, one of the most reputable waste-to-energy players in Europe and states “We are excited to execute this project together with AVR to the benefit of the environment”.

About HaloSep AB

HaloSep AB is a subsidiary of Stena Metall Group, a Swedish leading recycling company focusing on northern and western Europe. HaloSep AB offers a unique and sustainable solution for managing flue gas residues from WtE plants supporting a circular community.

About AVR

AVR specializes in the processing of various types of residual waste: household and commercial waste, wastewater, paper pulp residue, waste wood and hazardous waste. AVR strives to achieve the maximum recovery of energy, raw materials and other materials from this residual waste through effective, efficient and safe business operations. We ensure that plastics, drinks cartons, films and metals are recycled and minerals are used in (road) construction. And by incinerating the residue of the residue we supply sustainable steam, heat and electricity to our surrounding area and by so doing obviate the use of fossil fuels. In this way, AVR makes an important contribution towards the achievement of the Dutch and European goals related to climate and energy.

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