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What we offer

Why HaloSep

The HaloSep advantage: Efficiency and sustainability at your doorstep

Our on-plant solution, designed for seamless integration, can be implemented directly at a WtE facility. This strategic approach not only reduces landfill dependency but also cuts down on the costs and emissions tied to long-distance transportation of waste. By optimizing resource recovery onsite, HaloSep delivers a dual benefit—minimizing environmental impact while enhancing operational efficiency.

The HaloSep process, illustrated

Building a sustainable future together

HaloSep stands at the forefront of the WtE industry's shift towards more sustainable practices. Our technology is a testament to our dedication to reducing environmental impact while enhancing the efficiency of waste to energy conversion. By choosing HaloSep, you're not just optimizing your operations; you're joining a movement towards a cleaner, more sustainable world.

Emphasizing the role of waste to energy

At HaloSep, we champion the belief that responsible Waste to Energy (WtE) practices are crucial for environmental sustainability. Integrating seamlessly with direct materials recycling, WtE stands as a critical solution for mitigating climate change. It serves as a superior alternative to landfilling, which significantly contributes to climate impact through the emission of greenhouse gases. By leveraging the full potential of WtE, we are committed to advancing a holistic waste management strategy. Our dedication is rooted in the conviction that sustainable waste management is key to combating climate change and ensuring ecological balance.

Why HaloSep?

  • Innovative Fly Ash Management: Transform hazardous waste into valuable resources.
  • Significant Landfill Reduction: Minimize environmental footprint by diverting waste from landfills.
  • Local Solution, Global Impact: Reduce transportation costs and emissions, enhancing sustainability.
  • Commitment to Circular Economy: Align with global efforts to promote resource efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Lead the way with HaloSep

Embrace the future of waste management with HaloSep. Discover how our solutions can transform your Waste to Energy facility. Contact us today to explore our technology and take a step towards a more sustainable, efficient future.

Potential applications, illustrated

Our value proposition

HaloSep enables a sustainable solution for WtE plants to turn its hazardous waste into usable material to be returned to society which is the definition of a Circular Economy.

Reduces or eliminates landfill and enables recovery of salt and metals

Converts hazardous waste to useful resources

Experience and competence that creates ease of mind

Long-range transportation costs and emissions are eliminated

Commercially ready for market entry

On-site WtE plant consolidation of fly ash

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