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Innovative recycling technology - paving the way for sustainability goals

Adopting a Circular Mindse

To achieve our sustainability goals, it's high time to adopt a circular mindset, after waste incineration's gas emissions are cleaned, fly ash remains, containing salts and heavy metals. Currently, most fly ash is exported to a few landfills in Norway and Germany, an unsustainable practice leaving hazardous waste for future generations. This export incurs high transportation costs and landfill space is limited and soon to be exhausted.

- Erik Silfverberg, CEO

HaloSep has developed a technology that purifies fly ash, allowing the recovery of both salts and metals. The treated ash can be used in construction materials, salts for anti-icing, or as raw materials, and the metal fraction as recycled metal.

Transforming incineration residues for circular sustainability

We want to transform residues from incineration plants and reintegrate them into the circular cycle, saving both money and the environment.

- Erik Silfverberg, CEO

Calls for increased legislative support

Waste-to-energy technology plays a vital role in a more sustainable future, but obstacles hinder innovative technologies like HaloSep from establishing themselves in the market. The current legislation is vaguely formulated.

Clarifying legislation

The importance of promoting circular solutions should be clarified in legislation to enhance acceptance of material reuse. As it stands, circular goods are often held to higher standards than new ones.

- Daniel Holm, Sales Manager

Inauguration of a new facility

Since 2021, a full-scale HaloSep facility has been operational at Denmark's largest waste company, Vestforbrænding. After the summer, a development facility will be inaugurated in Skarvikshamnen, Gothenburg. This major investment allows potential customers to verify the process on a smaller scale and further develop the technology for additional applications.

Empowering waste incineration companies

Our typical customer is a waste incineration company that takes responsibility for all waste streams, aiming to create a local circular solution without landfills. They achieve this by installing a HaloSep facility.

- Erik Silfverberg, CEO

While Sweden is commonly viewed as a recycling pioneer, there is room for improvement.

Pioneering technology

We offer technology for a more sustainable future. Smart waste incineration has a crucial role in achieving sustainability goals and contributing to a sustainable, circular society.

- Erik Silfverberg, CEO

About HaloSep

HaloSep, a part of the Stena Metall Group, advocates for responsible fly ash management. The company has developed technology that purifies ash, enabling material recovery from waste incineration and reintegrating it into a circular cycle. 

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